Corey Elam

Corey is our customer service manager. Corey has been with The Expediting Co., Inc. since August of 2008. She started out in the transportation business in 1999, and over the years she has worked in several areas of the field.  Corey started out handling OS&D, imports and worked her way into dispatching. She then worked as an Operations Manager and a Transportation Manager. Corey truly enjoys the transportation industry, as it is always changing and keeps her on her toes!

Corey is married with two children. Corey loves her family, and she loves spending time with them.  They love to go to Michigan where they have a cabin and spend the weekend fishing, and swimming. Corey loves to travel and to shop! She is an active member in her community and never passes up an opportunity to help others.

Please contact Corey if you have any questions, or needs that she may be able to assist with.

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