Our Founder

Bill and Vickie Knight met each other in the mid 60’s and were married in 1971. Bill and Vickie are seasoned veterans, with combined histories of 75 years of servicing the air and expedite transportation community. Bill started with Airborne Freight in 1968 as a driver and a dock hand. In 1971, he became one of the original pioneers at Burlington Northern Air Freight, where he filled various positions over an 18 year span. When Bill left the company he had earned his title as The Regional Vice President.

Vickie started her career at Burlington Northern Air Freight as a customer service representative in 1981. Bill and Vickie founded The Expediting Company., Inc. in 1989 where they are both currently employed today.

Bill is actively involved in youth sports and is an avid golfer. Vickie enjoys spending time with her grandkids. They both very much enjoy the freight business and all of its changes. They still look forward to contributing in the successes of, not just The Expediting Company, Inc., but in the freight industry and community as a whole.